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Navy Lounge Suit

New for 2014 is the navy lounge jacket and trousers. Available in dark navy, this new collection is very much in trend at the moment and has already proven popular among couples. We have 3 new waistcoats to compliment the colour and more to follow. Call in today to try it on.

Grey Lounge Suit

Ideal for modern-day weddings, lounge suits provide a contemporary look especially with a 3 piece matching waistcoat. The lounge can be ideal for the father of the bride/groom in your wedding party.

Grey Tails Suit

Charcoal grey tailcoats are one of our most popular styles of wedding suit. It is normally worn with matching grey herringbone trousers. We have a huge range of waistcoats including a 3 piece matching charcoal grey herringbone waistcoat and a huge range of accessories that would compliment the tail suit.

Grey Prince Edward Suit

Charcoal Grey Prince Edward coats are a popular alternative to a tailcoat or lounge suit. Again it is the same grey herringbone cloth as the tailcoats, but these are a 3/4 length jacket giving a modern look and are normally worn with matching grey herringbone trousers.

Black Tails Suit

Black tailcoats or tail suits are the most traditional of the mens’ wedding outfits available. It can be worn with striped grey and black morning trousers for a traditional look or with a matching black herringbone trouser for a more modern look.

Black Lounge Suit

Black lounge suits are suitable for many different occasions whether celebrating at a wedding or paying respects at a funeral. They are worn at weddings to give a modern understated look as well as any other formal occasion where a suit is required. For funeral suit hire we can also supply white shirts and black ties.