Denim at Wilfs

Jeans are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. In fact, the average man owns at least seven pairs! Because men’s jeans are such a clothing staple, it’s crucial to find the style that works for you. With so many options, finding jeans that fit your style and size can be tricky but not impossible. Here at Wilfs we carry a large range of fits; skinny, slim, bootcut, relaxed, loose and straight cut.


Bootcut Jeans are the perfect cut for any guy hoping to look fashionable without looking outrageous. This slim cut fits closely (but not tightly) with a slight flare towards the leg opening. Bootcut jeans make sense for most body shapes, too, because they balance the body well.

Relaxed Fit jeans are loosely cut from the waist to the leg opening. The roomier shape of these jeans won’t accentuate curves and bulges like other cuts will. Thin guys should avoid relaxed-fit jeans, as this cut can look loose and sloppy on skinny legs.

Skinny Jeans are a risky bet for many men, but they have the potential to look hip on the right guy. The skinny jeans club is fairly exclusive, as this ultra-tight fitting cut can make average-to-heavy body types look even larger. Try this cut with a trendy vintage shoe or a fashionable sneaker to complete the look.

Slim Fit. This cut of jean is tapered in a similar style to skinny jeans but not to the form-fitting extreme. With slim-fit jeans, you get the best of both worlds: fashion-forward looks and comfort.

Straight Cut jeans are the most common cut you’ll find. Neither tapered nor excessively loose, this conservative style is ideal for those who want their jeans to be simple and classic.