Frequently Asked Questions

Wilfs FAQS

Living abroad and coming home to get married?

This is not unusual, suits can be provided with customers own measurements obtained from their local menswear, most will oblige. A final fitting will take place with us when you get home for the wedding. Styles and colours can be chosen online and we will do everything possible to ensure your wedding suits are perfect for your big day.

We are getting married abroad

No problem! We offer the same excellent service (minus the hotel suit collection!)

How far in advance should i book my wedding suits?

For wedding suits we recommend that you book a minimum of 3 to 4 months in advance of your wedding date, however, due to our extensive range of stock we can cater for those who are more laid back.
For evening/formal wear we recommend two weeks in advance, however, we can often accommodate some last minute requests.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Monday to Friday no appointment is necessary but on Saturdays it can be busy so give us a call that week to arrange a time.

When can I pick up my suits?

Suits will be ready to pick up 1 week before your wedding. We strongly advise that everyone tries on their suit on the day of collection, this allows us to make any alterations should they be needed.

When should I return the suits?

The suits should be returned within 2 – 3 working days after the wedding. We also offer a pick up service from your wedding hotel for the next day.

Navy Lounge Suit

New for 2014 is the navy lounge jacket and trousers. Available in dark navy, this new collection is very much in trend at the moment and has already proven popular among couples. We have 3 new waistcoats to compliment the colour and more to follow. Call in today to try it on.